Chow Chow Bite

Chow Chows

Chow Chows are a sturdily-built, double-coated dog that has fur resembling the mane of a lion.  They are known for being extremely loyal to their owners.  They are sometimes loyal to a fault quite literally.  Their loyalty can make them overly territorial and protective of their owners.

Although Chow Chows are routinely kept as pets, many insurance companies have them on their list of high-risk dog breeds because of their tendency to become overprotective of their owners and because Chow Chows sometimes react aggressively towards strangers.

Chow Chow attacks can cause serious harm and, in some rare cases, can result in death. If you have been injured in a Chow Chow attack, it is very important that you contact a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible.

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., our dog bite lawyers have represented many victims of attacks by various dog breeds.  The important thing to remember is that even in an unprovoked attack, it is not the dog nor even the breed that is negligent.  Responsibility for an unprovoked dog attack typically lies with the person responsible for the dog’s training, care, control, or restraint. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and to learn more about your rights under Texas law in the event of a dog attack.

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Owner’s Awareness of Aggression

big brown fluffy chow chow dog looking at cameraWhen raised well, Chow Chows can be excellent loving pets. However, when any dog displays signs of aggression and that aggression is not dealt with properly, the dog can become a danger.  Liability is often predicated in Texas upon the owner’s awareness of the dog’s prior aggressive tendencies. if you see signs of aggression in a Chow Chow, that may be an indication that the owner has been negligent in addressing past aggression.

To learn whether you can hold the dog owner responsible in your specific dog attack case, it is advisable to speak with a Houston dog bite lawyer.

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