Rottweiler Bites

Rottweiler Attacks

 Although many owners consider the breed to be loyal and affectionate, Rottweilers can become highly aggressive if they are protecting their family or feel threatened. Rottweilers are considered by the World Animal Foundation to be the fifth most aggressive dog breed.  documents 129 fatal Rottweiler attacks from 1978 to 2023. Of those attacks, 97 of the victims were children ages 11 years old and younger. Moreover, 69 of these children were ages four years and younger. So, while many people keep these dogs as family pets, owners need to be proactive in training their Rottweiler and ensuring that children are not left unsupervised around them.

If you or someone you love is attacked or bitten by a Rottweiler or other dog, call a Houston dog bite attorney about seeking compensation for your injuries from the negligent dog owner. At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we have been helping dog bite victims receive the compensation and medical treatment they deserve from negligent dog owners since 1979. Call 713-932-0777 for a free consultation.

Rottweiler’s Background

RottweilerRottweilers are medium-large to large-sized dogs identifiable by their short black coat with brown patches, thickly muscled hindquarters, and large heads. The breed is known to be powerful, loyal to their owner, and highly protective. Rottweilers are believed to be descendants of mastiffs of ancient Rome and are now one of the most popular breeds In the United States. Rottweilers were initially developed as working dogs to herd and guard livestock, pull carts, and protect their owner from dangerous people. Due to their purpose as a working dog, Rottweilers need to be strong, fearless, intelligent, and appear intimidating. Although the majority of Rottweilers today are not used as working dogs, they still retain these traits, which have undoubtedly played a part in how aggressive these dogs can be.

Despite being one of the more aggressive dog breeds, Rottweilers are often kept as household pets. Owners describe these dogs as loyal, affectionate, gentle, and playful. If properly trained, Rottweilers can be loyal, courageous, kind, and sweet. Rottweilers are not typically aggressive toward their owners or those familiar to them. However, if not properly socialized or obedience trained, Rottweilers can become incredibly aggressive and pose a serious threat to strangers or people they are not properly introduced to due to their protective instincts. Unfortunately, new toddlers and children in the house may be perceived as strangers or nuisances if the dog and the children are not carefully supervised. Additionally, when Rottweilers play with family members, they often forget how large and powerful they are. This can potentially pose threats to young children, whom the Rottweiler can easily overpower if the dog becomes too aggressive during playtime. Accidental injuries may result from otherwise innocent activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What Should I do if I am Bit by a Rottweiler?

 If you or someone you love is bitten by a Rottweiler or other dog, you are required by law to report the dog bite to the local animal control. When animal control is called, they will typically verify that the dog’s shots are up to date, quarantine the animal for 10 days, and verify that there is no risk of you contracting rabies. Additionally, animal control has the power to register, remove, and put down dogs that have shown aggression to the point of being a dangerous dog. For reporting purposes, you may be able to find your local animal control numbers here:

Houston area animal control phone numbers.

Katy area animal control phone numbers.

Galveston area animal control phone numbers.

Montgomery area animal control phone numbers.

Austin area animal control phone numbers.

Dallas area animal control phone numbers.

Fort Worth area animal control phone numbers.

San Antonio area animal control phone numbers.

How Soon Do I Have to Report a Rottweiler Bite?

 The Texas Department of State Health requires that all dog bites be reported immediately due to public health concerns. When you are bitten by a dog, there is a possibility that you could contract and spread rabies. Reporting a dog bite allows animal control to keep track of bites and check the dog’s vaccination records. Additionally, reporting the dog bite allows you to build up evidence of the attack and the injuries caused. This evidence can come in handy if you are trying to hold the dog’s owner responsible for your injuries.

Will My Friend’s Dog Be Put Down if I Call Animal Control?

 Only if the dog has a history of aggression towards people. While animal control has the power to put down dogs that have shown aggression, they may only do so if the dog has been previously known to bite. In Texas and many other states, there is a rule of law called the One Bite Rule. Under the One Bite Rule, dog owners are held liable for their dog’s aggressive acts only if the owner has been given reason to know that the dog has abnormal vicious tendencies. Since there is no way to prove that an owner knew of their dog’s vicious tendencies before they decided to bite for the first time, the dog owner is not held liable for the dog’s first bite. Thus, the first bite gets the dog and its owner a free pass. After the first bite, the owner must take action to prevent the dog from biting again. Otherwise, the owner is strictly liable for damages caused by the dog’s aggressive behavior.

 Who is Liable if I was on the Dog Owner’s Property?

 If you were bit on the dog owner’s property and were not trespassing, the dog owner may be liable. If the dog has not bitten before, then the One Bite Rule would apply in this situation unless there are special circumstances of negligent handling. However, if the dog has bitten before, then the dog owner may be held liable for the dog’s actions.

Under What Circumstances Is an Owner Liable for Negligent Handling of a Rottweiler?

Negligent handling comes into play in Texas when there are special circumstances that put the owner in possession of knowledge that the dog, while not normally aggressive, is likely to be aggressive due to the special circumstances.  Some examples of this include:

  • Allowing someone to approach a guard dog alone.
  • Allowing someone to approach a dog that has recently given birth without an owner or familiar person there to let the dog know she and her puppies are safe.
  • Allowing someone to pet a dog that recently had surgery or is otherwise likely to feel pain from an otherwise normal touch.

Talk to an Attorney

 If you or a loved one have been attacked by a Rottweiler, you need an experienced and knowledgeable Texas dog bite attorney on your side. At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., our attorneys understand the difficulty of your situation and will do everything possible to fight for your right to receive compensation from a negligent dog owner. Our firm has been representing dog bite victims for over four decades. Call us at 713-932-0777 for a free consultation to discuss your rights and the next steps as a victim of a Rottweiler attack.



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