German Shepherd Attacks

German Shepherd Bites

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs making them ideal as guard dogs, police dogs, and other working dogs. However, German Shepherds can be dangerous when they are trained to attack strangers or protect property and they get loose. Furthermore, like any other breed of dog if they believe are protecting their owners’ property or feel they are in danger, they can attack. German Shepherds are considered by to be the third most likely breed to bite. There have been close to 120 German Shepherd attacks reported since 2016.

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we understand that dealing with the aftermath of a German Shepherd attack can be mentally and physically challenging. If you or someone you love has been bit by a German Shepherd or any other dog, call a Texas dog bite attorney to help you seek the treatment and compensation you deserve. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. has been helping dog bite victims receive compensation for their injuries from negligent dog owners since 1979. Call (800)-298-0111 for a free consultation.

German Shepherd Background

Dog Biting Man's ArmGerman Shepherds are medium to large size dogs distinguishable by their upright pointy ears, bushy and slightly curved tails and black and tan coats. German Shepherds are known to be incredibly intelligent, loyal to their owner, and versatile. As the name suggests, German Shepherds were first bred in Germany around 1899, where they became so popular that dog breeders brought them over to the United States in 1907. German Shepherds were initially bred as the perfect working dog for herding and tending sheep. The breed’s purpose has since expanded from sheep dogs to include police dogs, service dogs, and war dogs, which are used to smell for landmines and as guard dogs. Although many German Shepherds are now kept as regular house pets, they still retain their protective instincts and can become aggressive toward strangers if untrained.

Although German Shepherds are one of the leading breeds in bites and attacks, many people keep them as family pets. Owners describe their German Shepherds as loyal, friendly, energetic, and excellent family dogs. They often form life-long bonds with their owners. However, due to their purpose as guard dogs and their loyalty to their owner, German Shepherds have the potential to be aggressive toward strangers or people they are not properly introduced to. An untrained German Shepherd may believe a new person or even a new family member poses a threat to their owner, which can lead to an attack. A young toddler or new baby can be perceived as a threat if the dog has not grown up around young children. Moreover, an untrained German Shepherd may have an unstable temperament, which can lead to problems when they are let outside into the owner’s backyard. If the dog has an unstable temperament, anybody walking by on the sidewalks near the house may be seen as a threat, which can lead to the dog finding a way out of the backyard to attack the innocent person walking by. A negligent owner who does not train their dog and take the necessary precautions to keep it inside their backyard may be held responsible if the dog bites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes a German Shepherd Attack?

German Shepherds are often used as guard dogs for businesses, homes, car lots, and warehouses. When a dog’s purpose is to defend its property and owners from strangers, it often does not distinguish between real strangers and people the owner knows but has not properly introduced to the dog. This inability to differentiate between strangers and dangers can lead to misguided bites on people the owner does not intend for the dog to attack. Furthermore, if a German Shepherd is left in the backyard of a home that has holes in the fence or a gate that can easily be jumped or pushed open, it may lead to the dog escaping and biting innocent neighbors, postal workers, salesmen, and other visitors the dog mistakenly believes to be a threat.

What Happens to a German Shepherd That Bites?

If a German Shepherd bites someone, animal control is called to the scene to gather information, document what happened, and take the dog for a quarantine period. Animal control will keep records of the incident and look up the dog’s shot records to verify that there is no risk of the victim contracting rabies. When taken by animal control, the dog will be quarantined for 10 days to watch its behavior and monitor it for symptoms of rabies. After animal control investigates the incident, they will create a Bite Report, which will have valuable information such as information taken from the owner, the owner’s contact information, the dog’s veterinary and vaccination history, and information on the dog’s bite history, which can be very important in proving liability in a dog bite case.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer after a German Shepherd Attack?

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., our lawyers work on a contingency fee. Our clients do not pay anything upfront when they hire us for a case. We will pay for the investigation and litigation expenses upfront. If we do not recover any compensation for your injuries, you do not owe us anything for our expenses. You will only owe us for the investigation, litigation, and attorney fees if we make a recovery on your case.

What Type of Insurance Cover’s a Dog Bite?

Three types of insurance may cover a dog bite: homeowner’s insurance, commercial liability insurance, renter’s insurance, and canine liability insurance. Homeowner’s insurance and renter’s liability insurance will cover the dog owner for any legal liability caused by a German Shepherd bite if 1) there is no exclusion for dogs or the exclusion is a breed exclusion that does not exclude German Shepherds or dogs with a bite history. You still must prove the owner is legally liable for this insurance coverage to apply. Exclusions for dog bites are rare in commercial general liability insurance policies so it usually will apply where the business is legally liable for the dog’s actions. Canine liability insurance is insurance specifically to cover legal liability for dog bites. It is rare that dog owners purchase this. Its main use is when other types of insurance will not cover the dog because of a bad bite history.

How Can I Declare a German Shepherd Dangerous in My Neighborhood in Houston?

tethered dogTo declare a dog dangerous in Houston, you will have to file an affidavit or sworn statement. To start the process, you will file an affidavit with the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC). After completing the affidavit, you can mail it to:

Houston Animal Control
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026

When Houston animal control receives the sworn affidavit, they will review it to determine if the complaint meets the state definition of a dangerous dog. If the affidavit is determined to meet the state’s definition of a dangerous dog, an investigation to determine if the dog is dangerous takes place. If there are grounds to declare the dog dangerous, a notice is issued, and there will be a hearing to determine whether the dog is dangerous. Following the hearing, the dog may be impounded, depending on the verdict.

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