Great Dane Bites

Great Danes

Great Danes are one of the largest and tallest dog breeds in the entire world, with a prior minimum AKC recommended weight of 120 pounds for males and 100 pounds for females. Although the AKC has dropped the weight requirement, Great Danes are still known for their broad stature as well as their sturdy build.

Great Danes are, in general, very friendly dogs, which have earned them the nickname “gentle giant.” Despite their mild temperaments, however, any dog can bite. The chance of a Great Dane becoming aggressive can increase when the dog is not properly cared for, socialized, and/or trained by the owner.

If you are the victim of a Great Dane attack, the harm you experience may be significant due to the size and force of the dog.  if the bite is due to the owner’s negligence, the dog’s owner may be responsible for your losses, including paying for your medical costs. However, you’ll need to consult with a dog bite attorney for assistance in order to protect your rights. Call us at (713) 932-0777.

Injuries From Animal Bites

Great Dane attackAlthough ranked low on the aggressive scale, Great Danes are strong dogs and a Great Dane attack can be very frightening. The consequences of a bite will vary depending upon the extent of the dog’s aggression as well as the age of the victim.

For all victims of any dog bite, potential injuries may include bruising, lacerations and cuts, and broken or fractured bones. Finally, disfigurement, permanent scarring, and even death could result from a Dane attack.

Owners of Great Danes may be held legally responsible for the consequences of their dog’s actions if the attack is the result of the owner’s negligence. An experienced Houston dog bite lawyer at Simmons and Fletcher can help dog bite victims take legal action.

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If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a Great Dane, getting legal help is a smart decision. At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., our experienced Houston dog attack attorneys have the knowledge and skills needed to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 713-932-0777 to set up a free consultation.