Accidents Caused by Inadequate Training

Failure to Train Accidents

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In addition to providing employees with the right equipment for the job, employers have a duty to provide training to the employee on the proper use of the equipment. Whether you work in a restaurant, factory, construction job industrial setting or other workplace, there are always hazards posed by improper use of equipment. Failure to train employees properly is negligence by the employer. Some of the things we commonly see are:

  • Injuries on saws, jigs and other cutting equipment
  • Accidents from heavy equipment operation
  • Failure to train regarding lockout/tagout procedures

Saws and cutting tools are an obvious potential danger. Often they come with safety instructions that may never get to the employees who wind up operating them. It is the employer’s duty to make sure all safety devices such as guards and goggles are used while dangerous machinery is in operation. Instructing employees on these items and how to use the equipment property is critical to the safety of employees.

Accidents Around Heavy Equipment

Another common source of injury for the worker is heavy equipment operation. Injury from improper operation of forklifts, hoists and construction vehicles is not uncommon in Houston. Heavy equipment typically requires a specific license with specific training to operate. Sometime employers cut costs by failing to check for these things. Even when the driver is properly licensed, sometime employers fail to train other workers in the area how to work safely around such equipment.

Lockout/tagout refers to the procedures required by OSHA when securing areas or pipes that may be unsafe to enter or open when certain switches are on or valves are open. Employers have a duty to ensure the OSHA rules are followed and that all employees receive proper training on following lockout/tagout procedures after they access restricted areas. Failure to do so can result in serious injuries including chemical exposure, burns, scarring and disfigurement.

Work Injury Consultations

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we take failure to train cases very serious. The safety of our labor force depends upon implementation of safe practices and procedures to make sure all employees are aware of what needs to be done. A work injury lawyer can discuss your injury with you and help you understand your rights. The consultation is always free and you do not pay us a dime unless we make a recovery for you. Call (713) 932-0777.


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